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At the Children’s Hall, the mythical stories of the Taiwanese South Island language family are presented in combination with fantasy and heritage.
"Ocean Theater" leads everyone to sail the wind to the new world;
"The Legend of Fire" hands-on experience in drilling wood and meteorites;
"Forest Labyrinth" seeks prey through listening to the sound for team competitions.
"The Sun and the Tree Elves" are the plays and ball pools of prehistoric moods.
There is also an interactive teaching aid box and an outdoor bunker to create a creative archaeological gaming experience.
To provide quality services, the ball pool in the Children’s Hall will be closed temporarily from 2020/12/22 (Tues) for maintenance and repair. Other interactive hall facilities are in service as usual.
The Museum of Archaeology will arrange staff to lead children to explore rich and fun experience with the educational aids.
1. Memory Challenge: Stone artifact Collection
2. Recognizing ceramics features: Link three lines with ceramic chess
3. Labyrinth Map: Prehistoric Mission
Please join us!