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Opening hours: 09:00- 17:00, Tuesday through Sunday.
Ticket sales: 09:00-16:30
Closed: Mondays (except for national holidays, substitute holidays, and election days), Lunar New Year’s Eve, Lunar New Year Unannounced closing will be announced as necessary.
Museum Secret Chamber opening hours: 10:00- 11:30 and 14:00-15:30, Tuesday through Friday.

General public
A: Children over 6 and under 12 years of age
B: Holders of a valid student issued by a MOE-reg
Group tickets
A group of 20 and more visitors.
Free admission
A: Free admission on weekdays or a 50% discount in the weekends for seniors aged 65 or older.
B: Children under 6 years of age.
C: Holders of the disability card and one necessary caregiver.
D: Holders of the Service Honor Card.

【NMP Offers】

Wednesday My Classroom at NMP: Free admission for school teachers and students (with valid identification).

Event time: 2021/07/01-2022/06/30

【Ticket Services Discount Plans】

  • 2021 Taiwan Alliance of Museums - Discount for inter-museum collaboration: Visitors can enjoy a NT$50 discount for admission with the stub of a ticket from any year of the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, National Taiwan Science Education Center, National Science and Technology Museum, National Museum of Taiwan History, National Taiwan Museum, National Museum of History, National Museum of Prehistory (Kangle Main Site, Peinan Site Park, and Museum of Archaeology, Tainan Branch of NMP), National Palace Museum and Southern Branch of National Palace Museum. Holders of the valid membership card, staff warrant card, and volunteer card of these museums can also enjoy the same discount for admission. Event time: 2021/01/01 -2021/12/31

Discounts for the Taiwan Alliance of Museums

  • Chinese Association of Museums: A NT$50 discount with a valid membership card. [No time limit]

  • Tainan Historical Attractions Pass: A NT$60 discount with the stub. Event time: 2021/01/01 -2021/08/31

  • Taichung City Teacher’s Association: A NT$60 discount with a valid membership card. Event time: 2021/01/01 -2021/12/31

  • Union Bank of Taiwan (UBOT) Credit Cards: A NT$50 discount with a UBOT card (each UBOT credit card for a maximum of 4 tickets in the same day only). Event time: 2021/01/01 -2021/12/31

  • Sinhua Forest Area: A NT$40 discount with a stub of adult or half-priced tickets of Sinhua Forest Area. Visitors can enjoy the same discount for admission to Sinhua Forest Area with a NMP ticket stub (each ticket for the discount of one time only). Event time: 2021/06/01-2022/05/31.

【Notice for Visitors】

  • 1. Please keep the ticket properly and visit the museum on the exact date as indicated on the ticket.

  • 2. No reissue or refund for lost, damaged, burnt, or illegible tickets.

  • 3. Always follow the NMP rules in the museum and cooperate with the instructions of NMP staff. Matters not provided for will be subject to the onsite announcements.

【Epidemic Control Policy】

  • 1. No entry for visitors with a forehead temperature over 37.5°C.

  • 2. Complete the simple “online name registration” or fill in the “name registration form” at the entry.

  • 3. Always wear a face mask throughout the visit.


 Visitors enjoying a ticket discount or free admission must show the relevant identifications or identifications that contain the information of age or status or identifications issued by a government entity. Visitors who cannot show relevant identification must pay the price for adult tickets.

 Refund information as shown in the link: Notice for Refund of the National Museum of Prehistory.