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At Exhibition Hall 2, a glimpse at the material culture, social culture, and spiritual culture of prehistoric settlers in the STSP region are displayed in terms of seven themes: fishery, agriculture, hunting, livestock, home, utensils, and decorations. Over 100 objects unearthed from archaeological excavation are displayed in different areas according to their various features and functions, as well as the images of prehistoric life they present, which are constructed through archeological studies. Stepping into the exhibition hall, besides the different aspects of prehistoric life, utensils and tools with different functions left by our creative ancestors are also displayed. 
How did our ancestors acquire food every day in an environment that is abundant in resources but full of uncertainty? How did they make all kinds of objects and tools required by the daily life? What did interactions between individuals and groups at that time suggest, and how should we analyze them? These questions will all be answered after the tour of Exhibition Hall 2.