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The Museum of Archaeology, Tainan Branch of National Museum of Prehistory (NMP), is the first archaeology-centered museum established in a science park. At the first stop of the exhibition, we present to you a 5,000 years of history since the Neolithic Era and the historical sites at the STSP, demonstrating their prominence and uniqueness in Taiwan’s archeological research.

In the exhibition hall, over 200 invaluable representative artifacts from 11 phases of six major archaeological cultures are displayed chronologically. They include the shell knives as thin as paper, stone axes with smooth and shiny surfaces, plain but interesting-looking ceramic figures, delicately-sculpted knife handles made from deer horns, dice made from bones, and so on. At the entrance, large projected animations and models that recreate the scenes of the daily life in different prehistoric cultures are presented for visitors to “witness” and “feel” prehistoric cultures rather than reading them from textbooks or through media.

In addition, as each time of rescue excavation involved a topological change of the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) and embodied the efforts and commitment of different institutions and staff members, a summary of the archeological work during the last two decades or so is also displayed in a corner of the exhibition hall.