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Public Art

The NiaoSung Family

Artist: Akibo Lee
Time: 2018
Materials: Stainless steel, car coating
Dimensions: 215x229x270 cm, 79x79x209 cm, 67x64x115 cm, 48x50x85 cm, 38X63X67 cm
Maintained by: National Museum of Prehistory

As one of the NMP’s representative artifacts, the ceramic human-faced figurine of NiaoSung culture was unearthed from the Daoye site. It shows that people in the NiaoSung culture were very skillful at making 3D figurines, particularly the 3D profile of the facial features alongside the facial expressions, revealing the maker’s mastery of the art of figurine making. In terms of skills, the features of the nose bridge and supercilious arch, and the position of the eye socket and nose are the most striking.

Public art The NiaoSung Family created by Mr. Akibo Lee according to the human-faced figurine of NiaoSung culture is creative and interesting. By clothing a primitive ceramic figurine of thousands of years ago with a high-tech surreal jacket for the figurine to travel to the present across time-space, a brand-new sentence is created with the grammar of arts of different time-space. This brand-new work will continue to flow toward the future universe to become a future ancient relic, showing the nonstop advancement of human civilization.